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These scientific software routines browse your data, searching for similarities, and label all rows that are found alike, with the same tag. These clustering routines can find a needle in a haystack. Your golden needle.
The data can be multidimentional, have outliers or noise, and provided in any order.
The labeling process can be controlled with only two parameters.
After your data has been analyzed, an integer value is assigned to each row. From that on, you can post-process in standard ways, such as evaluating statistics, plotting, etc.
This is an Excel 32 bits add-on (will not work on Excel 64 bits).

Fourier Analysis and periodogram

The Fast Fourier Transform Analysis provides information about frequency content of a signal or data series.
Usually, FFT requires the data to be evenly spaced, but SciFFT can evaluate the direct FFT or inverse transform IFFT for any number of values, removing the requirement of being a power of two. It is a similar technique as the periodogram, which we also provide. Please, check here for more information.
Some events in the real world, as the third harmonic in the electrical transformers, have sinusoidal components above the fundamental frequency. SciFApprox can reconstruct a waveform using the Fourier Analysis of the coefficients.
This is an Excel 32 bits add-on (will not work on Excel 64 bits).